Hey! I’m Kimberly

and It’s my passion to help you Achieve a more j.o.y. filled life!

Hi Friends, I’m Kimberly. 

​Wife and Mother of 3. 
Speaker and Author. 

I’ve worked with women and women groups for over 20 years. I’ve had some different titles in my background including entrepreneur, women’s ministry coordinator, college staff member, and stay at home mom.  As important as those titles were, they didn’t compare to other unique titles I had to overcome.

A Former Queen of Quit:

I’m a former reigning queen of quit.  I would start so many things then quit when it became too difficult.  I was great with signing up to start something but not always crossing the finish line.  Eventually, I learned how to put the right pieces together to become a finisher. To date, I have finished many 5K races, 10K races, 2 half marathons, obstacle courses, mud runs, and 5 sprint triathlons.  After many years of trying, I’ve finally dethroned the queen of quit and went from the sidelines to the ​finish line!!!

Poster Woman for Hiding behind a Smile:

I could have been the poster woman for hiding behind a smile and not let anyone know the inner turmoil that I felt.  For a long time, I watched life from the sidelines wanting to find the best way to navigate my way in.  Why was it so easy for others and not me?  Why did I always feel so invisible to others? Were most women faking the smiles like I was?

Depression Sufferer:

Depression was such a struggle in my life that I almost lost my family.  Fighting the depression battle was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  Honestly, I can’t say that I’m a depression survivor because I still struggle to stay out of the depression pit sometimes.  Over the years, I’ve learned my triggers and remedies to maintain a healthy well-being.  I’ve developed a formula that helps me to start and finish things as well as stay emotionally, spiritually and physically engaged. 

The right formula for me? It’s simple – ​Jesus, Exercise, and Connection to Others. 

Connection Maker:

I want to help you in your journey to create a successful formula in cultivating a real connection to Jesus, Others, and Yourself.  I want to help you connect with yourself so you can stop watching life from the sidelines and enjoy crossing the finish lines.  

​We live in a time where real connection is avoided.  Women often have their guard up and only want others to see what they want them to see.  I know because I lived that way for a long time.  Women can be very hurtful.  We all have wounds caused by another woman.  Those wounds don’t have to define us; they don’t have to prevent us from having positive friendships with women. 

​Learning that quality over quantity is what matters when having real connections. 

Over the years, the Lord has blessed me with real and honest connections with other women.  Women friends can be a huge source of encouragement and support.

It is my prayer that we can all let our guard down and have a real connection community – a community where women build each other up instead of tearing each other down, a community where women can open up and be honest with who they are.

Fun Facts About Kimberly:


“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action is dead.”  James 2:17


​laughing, dark chocolate, everything pumpkin, lattes, private time with each of my 3 kids, corny jokes, the fall season, romantic movies, entertaining in my home, traveling, organizing, meaningful discussions with other women, wearing tutus 


– BS in Education from College of Charleston
​- Master’s of Education from University of South Carolina
​- Worked with women students at College of Charleston, Columbia College, Western Kentucky University, and Francis Marion College

Professional Experiences:

Speaking Inquiries

If your event, summit, podcast, or workshop can benefit from a lively, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker, invite Kimberly by sending an email to Real Connection Ministry.

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For speaking inquiries, please email Real Connection Ministry.

What Women are saying about Kimberly

“Kimberly is not only knowledgeable, but she has a love for people and teaches from the heart.  She is a great teacher/speaker. Kimberly is honest and vulnerable which helps her listeners feel comfortable and engaged.” 

“Kimberly uses humor, life experience, and great Biblical knowledge in her down-to-earth style of teaching.  She is an all-out, no holding back, devoted Jesus lover and follower. In her teaching, that aspect comes across, as she is authentic and believable in her faith and practices.” 

“I’ve heard Kimberly speak on several occasions.  Each time she presented with knowledge and clarity.  It is always a pleasure to hear her speak.”

“The workshop was well professional and Kimberly was prepared and engaging. She made everyone feel important and welcomed.”

“You are a gifted teacher. You are so positive and encouraging.”

“I always enjoy listening to Mrs. Allston.  She is very knowledgeable and easy-going. I always get some nuggets of knowledge when I take her classes.”

“Thank you so much for giving me ideas on how to change my thinking.”

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