Scripture Inspiration: Faith in God; Not Circumstances

How amazing is it that God is constantly looking for ways to help and strengthen us. 

2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.”

The question is, are our hearts fully committed to Him?

It’s so easy to rely on your connections for exciting opportunities, or to rely on your knowledge and skills for a new job, or to rely on your husband for support, but God wants us to put all of those things in His hands.

He wants to be our source for everything.

In 2 Chronicles 16, King Asa tries to take matters into his own hands. He doesn’t prayerfully consider anything. He doesn’t turn to God and trust Him for the answers. Instead, he relies on his own wisdom to make strategic decisions for his people. And it backfires. Big time! You can read King Asa’s story in 2 Chronicles 14-16.

He forgot about the times that God delivered them from big armies. 

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And in the same way, we forget to look back at all the times where God provided for us – financially, emotionally or in whatever way we needed.

In order for us not to forget, we can keep ‘faith-builders’. This is a written account of all the times that God has delivered us. Our faith-builders can be a source of inspiration to us when times are hard. They can help remind us of all the times that God was faithful when we were faithless. 

You can add your own faith-builders to your Bible, journal, calendar, or even post-it notes. 

What are the things that you rely on? Are you relying on worldly things and people, or the Creator of heaven and earth?

Because He promises that if we search for Him, we will find Him and if we ask, He will provide. His provision may not be in the timing or ways that we want, but we can trust Him in working it out for good.

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